Hex Archive

How wonderful that you dropped by! We have a wide selection of creations for your viewing and trading pleasure. Please come in!

See this pamphlet for basic rules and trade guidelines! However, use the form provided below to request.

See the retired hex archive page for all old and/or retired files.

Current Request Status:


Additional Rules & Info

Those not allowed to adopt or apply: no one currently, that's good!



The file ready to customize and adopt out, usually will accept any request.


These are a little harder to get, will require a trade or a good app, close to being retired.

On Hold

Not making any at the moment.


You cannot apply for these either because it is old or I made too many, though I may make more to offer to others or if you've been directed here and I said I'll make one more. Generally when I reach 6 hexies from a file given out, I retire it.


Either I lost or corrupted the file, or this file was a hex request for a specific person and I do not want to adopt any else out.


Then send it here. If you don't recieve a reply, either the hexie is unavailable, I am on hexing hiatus and will do it later, or your request was turned down. Although sometimes I may just been having email troubles.

My Bases

These are always available to hex from and can be customized completely!