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So, Kathy put me over here to guard the grand award cabinet, hrmph. To be frank, I'm surprised my human even has any!

Thanks to everyone who gave to this site or me these gifts, and to those who drew or wrote amazingly in their adoption applications!

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Toekoms Dane v2 Drawings and Stories

by Artemis @ Anystar:


That was the first thought that came to his mind as he spotted the shadows. He had thought he outsmarted them, but clearly that had failed if they were still here. He knew what they could do.


He pleaded silently to them, his fear so strong that his throat was now parched. They merely stared back at him, stepping forward, each one in synch with the other. He could feel his back pressed up against the tree. This wouldn’t end well.

The largest wolf stepped closer to him, gazing at him. Or at least, he thought he was looking at him. He took the liberty of glancing behind his shoulder, body already shaking violently as he could feel the wolf advance closer. Was it even a wolf? He felt the fur brush against his jeans and he glanced down cautiously.

His eyes met with the crystal ball and he was almost immediately drawn into it. He could see himself in there, backed up against the trees. Exactly like he was now. He glanced up at it's face, or it's supposed face, and looked quizzical. Why was he being shown this?

Keep looking.

A gruff voice responded and he froze, shocked at the intrusion. So they could hear him. He felt some relief in that, but at the same time, he was afraid. Afraid of what they could would do to him. He glanced back at the crystal ball, watching. Nothing seemed to be happening. He was about to look away until he noticed the wolves advancing. The vision in the ball seemed to be changing, tinged with red. He felt mesmerized, watching until he saw a fire consuming the forest. When he saw himself perish within the fire, he looked up, in partial shock.

Please... please no. I don't want to die.

He pleaded with them as they backed away from him. He could already feel the flames behind him. He was on his knees now, the smoke flooded through the forest and created a barrier between him and the wolves. Coughing, he tried to focus his thoughts.


Was his last thought before he passed out, the smoke overwhelming him.


When he awoke, he was lying on his bed. He was startled. But they showed him that he would die. What had really happened?

You're welcome.

by Nanorat @ NR:

" Sparkling, ghostly moon slowly crawled its way from over the mountain, shredding the cold darkness with silver daggers of its rays. Splashs of its weak, nearly invisible light fell onto two lonely figures, standing on a hill among huge plateu. One figure was huge, spikey and in the darkness of the night, appeared to be a monster; it was calm and quiet, while the other one, small and obviously frightened dog, was breathing heavily and constantly looking around, just like someone might attack it. -Are you sure you want to know it by that price? - slowly hissed the big figure, waving the ball it was holding in its paw before the nose of a scared dog.
-Y...y...yes. - the dog answered, trying to speak quitely but couldnt help its voice to have histerical notes. He was afraid. Afraid like hell being in the night in front of this powerful and unpredictable creature. But there was no turning back already.
-Fine. - the huge spirit moved his paw closer to the dog, so it could smell the hot, out-of-this-world smell of spirit's fur. - Look into it, carefully. When you'll see your desired truth, we will speak about your soul, mortal.....

Werewolf Drawings

By Pizzey / Blue-Lollipop

Drawings of my Petz

Delancey by Renee

Smitten by Renee

Millaray by Mo @ BakedGoodz

Millaray by Silverstripe @ Silver Breeze


Lucia, by her new mommy Sketchi