NOTICE: ON HIATUS. May update from time to time, though.

" Oh... OH! Welcome to Tabbloza Kennels and Cattery!

Here you will meet many of my petz friends, large and small... they are going to show you around today. Now, there are a few things you should now before moving on. First off, this is a Petz site, but we also host content for Babyz. The Petz and Babyz series are computer games where I, and many of my friends and family, live! They are fun and classic. You can find out more here. If you already own a Petz game, you need to know that much of this site for Petz 5, particularly playscenes and bred adoptions, so things specified for that version can only work in that version. We do have Petz 4, most hexed petz will be from Petz 4, and all toyz / clothez / other downloads should be available for both game versions. I believe that is it, feel free to look around.

See you soon!"


2017-06-10: Edited the web design a bit and removed broken stuff in preparation for the blooming Petz renaissance.

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Want to be a sister site? Send me an email! Your site does not need to be incredibly active. It is better, though, if I know you from somewhere in the PC. If you become a sister site, you get a graphic adoptable like this featuring one of your petz:

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